Are Apricot kernels, a natural cure for cancer?

Could apricot kernels (seeds) be a natural substance that can beat cancer in its tracks with little or no effect on the user’s health or income?  If the claims are true why has this information not been made more widely available?

You have to bare in mind that cancer industry world wide  is a 200 billion dollar a year industry and there would be a lot of influential high rollers without a job  should a Un-patentable natural cure be found

But how can apricot kernels help?

 During the 1950’s a American biochemist names “Dr. Ernst krebb” came to the conclusion cancer was nothing more than a metabolic reaction to a poor diet and that nature would hold the key to deciphering this riddle, during his research a compound  named amagdylin was found in over 1000 edible plants.

Out of all the plants studied, the highest amounts of amagdylin was found in apricot kernels , some remote tribes that consumed high quantities of these kernels, do not even have a word for cancer it simply dose not exist

Amagdylin is classed as a nitrioloside which are hard to categorize being that there found in foods but are not foods themselves. Under inspection it was found that amagdylin resembled the structure of vitamin B complex leading to it being named B17

Sadly since laetrile is derived directly from plants found in nature and not chemically developed in a lab it was and still is impossible to patent

Meaning that there is no money in marketing it for big corporations and lobbying groups even though there have been thousands of testimonies from cancer victims curing themselves by chewing daily on apricot seeds alone

But how do they work to beat cancer?

Well there are four substances in amagdylin two of which are glucose, one cyanide and the other benzaldyhide your right in thinking the second two of these are both poisons , a large amount of food we eat contains cyanide but is completely safe as it remains locked as part of another molecule

 In most cells there is a defense mechanism which triggers the release of sulfur if cyanide is detected this renders the toxic cyanide useless. But cancer cells contain a unique enzyme known as beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is able to unlock amagdylin molecules, thus enabling the benzaldyhide and cyanide and causing the cancer cell to self destruct.

During this process no healthy cells are damaged unlike the other options available to cancer sufferers such as radiation chemotherapy and surgery These not only kill the healthy cells but the cancer tends to come back else where as the patents general health gets damaged from the massive amounts of toxins given off by chemo therapy less than 3% make it to 5 years without cancer after receiving these treatments

Many medical experts that have used laetrile on their  patents claim having up to a 85% cure rate  among cancer victims with one clinic based in Mexico even claiming a 100% cure success rate

Since early on in the 1920’s all alternative and natural cancer therapies have been suppressed by the FDA and other corporations that are making billions of dollars marketing cures that do not work. Some leading alternative therapists have been harassed imprisoned and even killed for marketing the use of natural cures. Jason vale aBrooklynresident was imprisoned after curing himself of cancer as he refused to stop telling others of the benefits of apricot kernels using television and radio

To show the extent this medical mafia will go to to make money in 1971 they banned laetrile Which is a no toxic substance making it even harder for people to find out about and reap the benefits

Dosage and usage

With the sheer number of success stories we can see no reason why u shouldn’t give this a go. To prevent cancer the normal quantity is around 4 – 6 kernels taken throughout the day for people suffering with cancer it has been known for people to take 15 + per day

In conjunction with your kernels we would recommend vitamin B15, digestive enzymes, fresh juices and coffee enemas are a great idea as they detoxify the liver

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Feel free to drop us a email or call us on our local rate number if you have any question

Bobbys Healthy Shop Team. 


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