The coffee enema detox

  The coffee enema detox

Although the idea of a enema mite make some people slightly squeamish an enema is simply the act of injecting a fluid into the rectum with the purpose of cleaning the bowl, this has been widely used for thousands of years it was in 1,500 B.C. that the first medical text ever in existence the Egyptian “Ebers papyrus” mentions the use of enemas as a way to detoxifying the body.

 This was then taken up buy Greeks and many other world cultures there after. Native American Indians invented there own enema device using a animal bladder and a hollowed leg bone and it was Columbians that fashioned the first rubber enema bag using latex.


But why coffee?


 It’s not known who the first brave soul was to fill an enema bag with java beans but the first written documentation mentioning coffee enemas was the prestigious merck manual in 1972 although a German scientist had found that caffeine solution works to open bile ducts in the liver back in the 1920s

Coffee enemas will not waste minerals and electrolytes because they have already been absorbed in the previous sections of the intestines. The coffee enema is safe even for people who are sensitive to caffeine because the coffee remains in the sigmoid colon, where it will not be absorbed, provided the proper amount is used and the enema bag is not place too high.

What to do

Boil 1 quart of water in a non-aluminium pot. Add 2 tablespoons or more of coffee and continue to boil for 5 minutes. Remove pot from the heat and add 1 tablespoon of un sulphured molasses (optional). Cool to 90 degrees F. or less. Pour the coffee mixture through a fine mesh strainer into two 1 cup measuring cups. Clamp the end of the enema bag. Pour 1 cup of filtered coffee mixture into the enema bag. Release the clamp until the coffee begins to flow out, then clamp the bag again immediately.

Hang the enema bag at a height of about 3 feet, not higher. Lie on the floor and gently insert the nozzle. Use vegetable oil on the nozzle if needed. Release the clamp and let the coffee mixture flow into the sigmoid colon. Clamp the tubing as soon as there is a sensation of ”fullness” or when the enema bag is empty and remove the nozzle. If possible, without forcing yourself, retain the enema for 10 minutes, then empty your bowel.

After emptying your bowel, repeat the process with the remaining (1 cup) of coffee mixture. If you cannot hold 1 cup of coffee mixture enema, take several smaller enemas.

When the bile duct empties, you will hear or feel a squirting sensation in the area of your right rib cage. After feeling the bile emptying, you can stop taking enemas for that day.

If you do not feel the bile duct emptying after one week of daily enemas, increase the strength of the coffee or take slightly larger volume enemas.

You should not feel nervous or jittery after the enema because the coffee does not get        absorbed systemically. If you do feel nervous, jittery, have palpitations, or irregular heartbeats, after a coffee enema, reduce the amount of coffee by half or more.

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