Black pepper and its amazing health benefits

Black pepper and its amazing health benefits


Native to south east Asia the first recorded use of black pepper (Piper nigrum) was over 4,000 years ago, due to the large demand for this highly prized spice and commodity it was even used as currency in some parts of the world.

As well as its culinary properties black pepper has been widely used as medicine for a similar amount of time , a lot of the treatments involving this spice have been proven to be ineffective in the modern world but the spice certainly still hold some amazing properties

Black pepper for digestion

We currently are living in a age of convenience, unfortunately this has a detrimental effect on out diets with ready made microwave meals and fast food on every corner there is a growing problem with indigestion after meals. One of black peppers proven unique abilities is the way it aids in the digestion of food. This is achieved as a result of increased hydrochloric acid levels which in turn prevents intestinal gas and other stomach problems

Black pepper for anorexia

black pepper can be a useful tool for people suffering from anorexia or general loss of appetite not only will this amazing spice tingle your taste buds but the increase in hydrochloric acid  will leave you feeling ready to tackle more food

Colds and Flu

Black pepper has the ability to break up congestion when suffering from colds or chesty cough try adding it to a strong cup of mint tea for maximum effect. This form of pepper is also known to have a great amount of antioxidant properties, able to fight against bacterial growth, particularly in the intestinal tract.  The good news is that all you need to do is put a little bit in your food every day.

Healing cuts and grazes

Alternative medicines are gaining in popularity as we become aware of all the possibilities inherent in the herbs and spices that surround us. Black pepper is one such spice that has medicinal properties. Below is a look at how you can use black pepper to stop bleeding and help heal your cuts.


1. Rinse the cut. Make sure to get rid of any dirt or foreign matter that you might find. Be sure to cleanse it thoroughly before doing anything that might press infectious material further into the cut.

2. Dab up any bleeding as best you can with a clean, sterile cloth or paper towel. If possible, keep the affected body part elevated; gravity will help stop the bleeding during this part of your treatment.

3. Put black pepper on the cut. Ground black pepper is ideal for this, whether from the kitchen shaker or from packets of black pepper.

4. Bandage securely. Depending on the size of the cut, use a normal adhesive strip, or, if necessary, adhesive tape with gauze. Be sure to cover all areas of the cut to help stop the bleeding and to keep out dirt and germs.

5. Check the cut daily to monitor healing. With one application you should see significant progress such that you shouldn’t have to repeat the process. You will notice that the black pepper has the effect of stopping the bleeding while assuring that the cut heals, often without much indication of scarring.


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