U.K. pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to criminal fraud charges, pays massive $3 billion in fines

ImageGlaxosmithkline (GSK) the U.K. based pharmaceutical giant pleaded guilty to criminal charged after a nine year federal investigation exposed extreme abuse of the law.

Charged include, lying about the effectiveness and safety of their drugs , illegally marketing , bribing doctors and ripping of medicare / medicaid.

No one from GSK has been held accountable for a crime as instead the federal government has seen fit to fine the pharmaceutical giants a sum of £3 billion dollars. For a company that turned over plus of 42 billion last year alone this in our eyes can not be seen as a suitable deterrent. the 3 billion that was paid came from a separate holding account that has been earmarked for these uses showing that the company was expecting this to occur and had budgeted for it accordingly.

In our opinion every GSK employee weather high rolling executive or low income sales person should be help accountable for the crimes committed therefore arrested and tried in court.

The idea that this company that is directly responsible for thousands of people being wrongly prescribed drugs that gave them horrific side effects and in some cases death can still make a huge profit of 39 billion even after this fraud case and continue trading with no arrests really dose show the state of the american criminal justice system


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