Can Organic From China Be Trusted?

We all know about the distinct benefits of fresh organic produce , but we are also aware of the extra costs involved

A ever increasing amount of organic food is now coming from china where is can be produced at a greatly reduced cost. But this begs the question , Are the high standard of organic food here in the U.K. being upheld?

The simple answer to this is no. while we are sure there are people in china growing organic produce to very high standards there is no official regulating body to certify this , meaning that the companies importing the fruit and veg hire there own third party accredited inspectors to certify the crops.

Here in the U.K. where the word “organic” is strictly defined by law there are currently 10 certification body’s included DEFRA  and the Soil Association that regulate all organic produce grown in the country. But the imported produce once citified by the third party inspectors is not required to undergo any testing from these bodies to be sold and labeled as organic.

In recent years there have been a huge number of cases of what was thought to be organic produce including straw berry’s and salads that have been found to actually contain very high amount of pesticides and chemicals  we would recommend watching this video to give you a idea of the scale of the problem

sources for this article.


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