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Help your body too help it’s self

I had never thought in depth about any kind of disease, never mind cancer, before Bob was diagnosed,. After some deep focused contemplation I realized that disease is the result of the human bodies attempt to correct imbalances and in the case of cancer a series of very serious malfunctions. We should not alter, block or interfere with normal bodily processes but learn how to enhance, assist, help and promote normal bodily function. Symptoms are clues to deeper molecular and metabolic factors. Symptoms are sign posts pointing towards the imbalances and malfunctions, the basic causes of cancer. Symptoms are not enemies that should be silenced, they are friends that can guide us through the maze of incorrect metabolic processes that result from toxins in the air, soil, food, water and the polluted environment we now live in.

written by kevin wright

Most Scientific facts are not facts at all

Most Scientific facts are not facts at all.

They are just the opinions of people. These facts often change as more information appears.

The scientists state these opinions as fact when they are in fact only the consensus of opinion based on the information available at that time. Scientists never admit this. They say “This is fact, end of.” When they have to change their opinion they never apologise, never admit they were wrong, that they came to a defective conclusion, they just say “these are the new facts”. What is good for us today is bad tommorrow, what is bad for us today is good tommorrow. Contradicted and exagerated findings are common in the medical journals. The Lancet and the J.A.M.A. are, after all publications that need new scientific findings to survive commercially. These magazines are sold at a price and if they have nothing new to report no one wll buy them. The fact is that scientific medical studies are exagerated, manufactured, falsified, deliberately misleading and often outright lies, designed to sell ineffectual, dangerous drugs. Studies published today can very easily be re done tommorrow and the exact opposite result can be “proven” if you have the money and resources. Scientific studies, medical trials, and experimental work cannot be trusted to any degree whatsoever. Follow the money. It’s always about the money, only the money.
midnight musings written by

kevin wright.

Are mobiles the new tobacco?

Those of you who know me in real life will have had me say to you “don’t put your phone in that pocket, we are electrical – chemical organisms, keep it well away from you, they interfere with the workings of our bodies”.

I had a call today on my mobile, I ended up talking for 20 minutes and my ears warmed up loads. We have all experienced it, mobiles DO do something to us. So what if the mobile phone industry is exactly as the tobacco industry was, a multimillion pound industry that it unfortunately kills people? The W.H.O. had 31 “experts” review all the available evidence, which to me says there is some that is not available, and they decided that there is a possible link between mobiles and brain cancer. So they are not saying there is a link, but then they are not saying there isn’t.

Look at the mobile companies financial figures, their value on the stock markets. If a link between mobiles and cancer was upgraded from “possible carcinogen” as it is now to the next level, “probable carcinogen” hundreds of billions would be wiped off stock markets globally. To give the size of the industry some context, there are 5.3 billion subscribers, that’s almost 80% of world population. Over a billion new handsets are sold a year. Vodafone is worth £83 billion, China Mobile is the biggest mobile operator and one of the worlds biggest companies by stock market value. Nokia is worth $25 billion. Apple is the 3rd biggest company in the world. Everyone seems to have a smartphone now. I went out in a late night pub back along and half the people in there were using their phones.

It will be all tablet computers soon. A massive phone. It is likely though that for economic reasons the mobile industry will just deny that a link exists just as the tobacco industry did. So, if they do cause cancer, and I strongly suspect that they do, if it finally comes out, expect financial carnage. In the meantime, I will be avoiding my mobile as much as possible.

written by Kevin wright

Bobbys toxic metal test results over 7 years after he finished treatment

It’s now been over seven years since bobby completed his treatment for neuroblastoma and got the all clear from doctors, but in our latest toxic metals report we found some stats we thought we should share.

During Bobbys treatment he had a number of CT scans which are responsible for the extremely high levels of barium still present in his body now over 7 years later. Also found in dangerously high levels is platinum caused by the  chemotherapy substances cisplatin and carboplatin.

This shows that years after chemo treatment the body is still struggling to rid itself of these dangerous toxins.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be adjusting Bobby’s nutrition and supplement plan to try and bring these levels down and sharing our progress with you via this blog.


Garlic – The essence of life

Garlic – The essence of life


Garlic – ‘Allium sativum’ appears in healing traditions all over the world. Its distinguishing smell in a nice white (or purple) ‘dress’ alone make it the number one choice for Mediterranean and Far Eastern cuisine, but garlic also has a huge number of health benefits as well.

Garlic is one of the first cultivated plants found in human history with traces found in caves dating back to Image10000 B.C.  Its first known origins are in south East Asia but it spread quickly through trade roots as soon garlic was all over the planet.

Allium sativum means something like improved, cultivated smelling onion. Garlic is in the same family as ‘onions’ this is the most widely known and cultivated member. Beware of GMOs variates though: garlic, like many other vegetables now is genetically modified in some parts of the world.

Contained in garlic, among many other things are: 

ajoene – which is responsible for the fungicide effect of garlic;

allicine – is a kind of sulphuric compound responsible for most of the smell, the wide spectre antibacterial effect.

alil-sulfites – are considered to have cancer healing effects, tests need to be effected; many other sulphuric compounds responsible for garlic’s smell and anti-thrombus, antioxidant and germicide effects.

One of the main reasons people avoid garlic’s medical and healing properties is its pungent small and aroma , after ingesting garlic the above mentioned sulphur compounds enter the blood stream and from there the lungs causing bad breath the smell is also excreted through pours on the skin.

But what can you do to avoid this?

There are many remedies to avoiding the smell of garlic, one such idea is to eat parsley coffee beans and dill after your daily garlic, but to us this seems a bit of a far fetched approach and you should probably come to terms with the fact that if you eat a lot of garlic the aroma will stay with you for some time.

Garlic is also used in the world of homeopathy, able to treat gastro-intestinal disease and aid in treating obesity it really dose show use in every aspect of health care.Image

Medical uses for garlic.

  • Thrombus   –  Garlic can help prevent thrombus – Aka: blood clot’s.
  • Arteriosclerosis – Effects of garlic on atherosclerosis
  • Infections   –  Garlic can be a a great treatment for infection even able to fight hospital super bugs such as MRSA.
  • Pneumoni – Garlic is considered as an amazing treatment for those who have pneumonia if only it would be given in ample quantities during the treatment.
  • Candida  – Simply adding three raw crushed garlic cloves to your diet every day for about three weeks.
  • Diabetes  – Diabetics can benefit from the ability of lowering blood sugar levels of garlic.

Garlic can also significantly improve the coronary healing effects of hawthorn, and can even enhance the general strengthening effects of ginseng.

Bulgarian researcher Vesselin Petkov, published papers in 1960 proving that garlic is an effective “medicine” for use with arteriosclerosis and lowers the cholesterol level in blood. Other European experiments show garlic may improve the detoxication of the body from lead and other heavy metals.

A lot of garlic’s unique health properties disappear or transform during any kind of culinary procedure with heat. As with most vegetables in its raw state garlic holds many more health benefits than after being cooked

How to use garlic?

General indication is to shatter garlic, or cut into real small pieces and leave it for a few minutes to “get ready”. The agents get activated due to the air. Also, oily conditions make them more effective: make macerates of garlic, shatter it, mix it with some oil and use after some minutes for best results even as a spice.

Pour 1 L boiled and cooled water into a big jar. Add 30 cloves of garlic (I’d say cut into very small pieces), 3 teaspoons of honey (in case of pollen allergy try fructose) and 150g fresh yeast. Leave it covered by some cloth for 9-10 days, shake or stir it daily cautiously. It is going to get “clean” and translucent. Filter it, put in smaller jars and keep it in the fridge. Take 1-2 teaspoons 1-2 times daily after the meals and based on my personal experience: with a lot of yoghurt. This prevents the side-effects, not in all, but at least in many cases.


No garlic should be taken in any case of stomach inflammation or used on other mucosal surfaces as its agents can cause gastroenteritis. It may increase the risk of excessive bleeding in surgery if consumed in high quantity. Its best to avoid garlic for at least 1 week before any operation.


Article written by Eva Mercz

Edited by cal ince


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