Are mobiles the new tobacco?

Those of you who know me in real life will have had me say to you “don’t put your phone in that pocket, we are electrical – chemical organisms, keep it well away from you, they interfere with the workings of our bodies”.

I had a call today on my mobile, I ended up talking for 20 minutes and my ears warmed up loads. We have all experienced it, mobiles DO do something to us. So what if the mobile phone industry is exactly as the tobacco industry was, a multimillion pound industry that it unfortunately kills people? The W.H.O. had 31 “experts” review all the available evidence, which to me says there is some that is not available, and they decided that there is a possible link between mobiles and brain cancer. So they are not saying there is a link, but then they are not saying there isn’t.

Look at the mobile companies financial figures, their value on the stock markets. If a link between mobiles and cancer was upgraded from “possible carcinogen” as it is now to the next level, “probable carcinogen” hundreds of billions would be wiped off stock markets globally. To give the size of the industry some context, there are 5.3 billion subscribers, that’s almost 80% of world population. Over a billion new handsets are sold a year. Vodafone is worth £83 billion, China Mobile is the biggest mobile operator and one of the worlds biggest companies by stock market value. Nokia is worth $25 billion. Apple is the 3rd biggest company in the world. Everyone seems to have a smartphone now. I went out in a late night pub back along and half the people in there were using their phones.

It will be all tablet computers soon. A massive phone. It is likely though that for economic reasons the mobile industry will just deny that a link exists just as the tobacco industry did. So, if they do cause cancer, and I strongly suspect that they do, if it finally comes out, expect financial carnage. In the meantime, I will be avoiding my mobile as much as possible.

written by Kevin wright


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