Most Scientific facts are not facts at all

Most Scientific facts are not facts at all.

They are just the opinions of people. These facts often change as more information appears.

The scientists state these opinions as fact when they are in fact only the consensus of opinion based on the information available at that time. Scientists never admit this. They say “This is fact, end of.” When they have to change their opinion they never apologise, never admit they were wrong, that they came to a defective conclusion, they just say “these are the new facts”. What is good for us today is bad tommorrow, what is bad for us today is good tommorrow. Contradicted and exagerated findings are common in the medical journals. The Lancet and the J.A.M.A. are, after all publications that need new scientific findings to survive commercially. These magazines are sold at a price and if they have nothing new to report no one wll buy them. The fact is that scientific medical studies are exagerated, manufactured, falsified, deliberately misleading and often outright lies, designed to sell ineffectual, dangerous drugs. Studies published today can very easily be re done tommorrow and the exact opposite result can be “proven” if you have the money and resources. Scientific studies, medical trials, and experimental work cannot be trusted to any degree whatsoever. Follow the money. It’s always about the money, only the money.
midnight musings written by

kevin wright.


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