Some great ways to eat healthy on a budget

It’s widely believed that to eat a fresh healthy diet costs more money, but this is not always the case. Buying high end organic produce will no doubt have a negative effect on your pocket. But the standard fruit and vegetables available at your local green grocers can be a lot cheaper than you realize, and still offer you 99% of the nutritional value of the more expensive organic options.

Avoid eating out. – This might seem obvious to a lot of people but you would be surprised how many people grab a takeaway or a pub lunch of a weekend and the money spent on just one meal out could be enough to have bought the majority of your weeks shopping.

Buy your staples in bulk. – Staples on their own might not be the most exciting options when you look in your cupboard, but once combined with the right ingredients they make the backbone of the vast majority of your healthy meals some example of foods worth stocking up on are here.

  • Beans and lentils. – These great ingredients can be added to soups & stew as well and some more exotic dishes.
  • Brown rice. – Rice is the worlds 3rd Most important crop every year over 685 millions tons produced throughout the world
  • Pasta. – This is one of my favorite items for a quick healthy meal. It can be combined with a huge variety of healthy ingredients and is a staple food source for rich and poor alike
  • Potatoes. – First originating from the Andes in Peru these unique root vegetables have successfully spread throughout the globe. I suggest buying your potatoes by the sack full and keeping them in a cool dark place, in these conditions they can last for months.

Eat less meat. – This is a tricky one as unlike fruit and vegetables when it comes to meat price matters. Animal welfare is a serious issue and cheep meat means badly treated animals. But what can I do? Well one great way of still getting your weekly meat rations without having to worry about welfare issues is to try less conventional cuts of meat available from your butch and a great price.

  • Pork – Try Trotter, cheek, liver, pork hock
  • Lamb – Shoulder of lamb is a great tasty cut of meat available at very good prices from all good butchers
  • Chicken – Chicken thighs are by far the cheapest cut of chicken you can pick up organic free range chicken thighs for rock bottom prices
  • Beef – There are some really good cuts of beef that are not often used in this country. Feather steak, skirt, Hereford brisket and oxtail can all be used to make some great healthy dishes

Grow your own – Whether you have a nice big garden or just a couple of spare window sills this is one option that everyone should be doing. Growing your own produce is not only a great way to make sure you know exactly what’s gone into your food, but it can also offer you a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Take your own lunch to work – People seem to think it’s embarrassing taking their own lunch into work, maybe it brings back some childhood memories of nasty packed lunches at school, but there really is no excuse. Shop bought sandwiches are packed full of nasty preservatives and low quality ingredients. Save money save your health and save your sanity by mixing things up and getting creative with your lunchbox.


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