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New natural health resource for people in the UK

Over the last couple of months our good friends at natural health southwest have been hard at work building a brand new website. The site offers a huge amount of information on all aspects of natural health, they also have a list of the best natural therapists in the southwest.

If you have some free time in the next few days please take a minute to swing by their site and check it out.




Health uses of Ozonated Oil.

Ozonated Oil.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen. Two atoms of oxygen form the basic oxygen molecule

the oxygen we breathe that is essential to life. The third oxygen atom can detach from the ozone molecule, and re-attach to molecules of other substances, thereby altering their chemical composition. It is this ability to react with other substances.

But why ozonated olive oil?

Ozonated olive oil was discovered quite by accident in the early 1900s, when breathing ozone through oil was used to treat tuberculosis.  After many treatments the olive oil turned into a gel and seemed to hold ozone for a long time, making it a great salve used for a variety of ailments Famous inventor Nikola Tesla was the first to market it, and as early as 1904 it was being sold in pharmacies all over the country under the name Glycozone.

Ozone therapy and the use of ozone oils was flourishing in the United States in the early to mid 1900s, but like many natural remedies of the time its chemical competitors tried to discredit it.  With the advent of antibiotics and new drug therapies, pharmaceutical salesmen pushed their drugs as the new way to treat diseases.  The FDA became the bully pulpit for drug companies, going so far as to outlaw ozone therapies for use by medical doctors.

Now, however, ozone therapy is making a huge comeback.  In fact, ozone is used in over 20 countries in hospitals and clinics and ozonated oils are being researched around the world

Method of production.

Partially Ozonated Olive Oil:

This is the more typical form of ozonated olive oil (OOO), and it can be made more quickly than the concentrated form. It requires that you locate an ozone generator (output of 500mg per hour), which is a machine that creates ozone gas. You will also need an aerator or air stone that is made of ozone-resistant material. More often than not, the ozone generator will have this within the device. Once you have collected all the materials, which of course include olive oil, you need to begin the bubbling process. Connect a silicon tube to the ozone generator and stick the end of the tube into a glass jar of olive oil. It will slowly bubble in the olive oil. According to the Ozonate website, you should bubble the solution for about 60 minutes.

Concentrated Ozonated Olive Oil:

The more concentrated version of OOO requires the highest quality olive oil you can locate. Obtain an ozone generator that has a higher output of ozone per hour (4g per hour).than the one used for the partially Ozonated olive oil. You will also need a larger amount of olive oil and a larger container to hold it. Bubble the solution for nearly two to three weeks non stop. Foam bubbles will creep up the sides of the olive oil; allow them to fall back into the solution.

Health uses:

  • Relief from Athlete’s Foot
  • Faster Healing of Bruises
  • Healthy Healing of Chickenpox
  • Relief from Fungal Infections
  • Healthy Healing of Insect bites
  • Freedom from the symptoms of Psoriasis
  • Ease symptoms of skin cancer

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“This is information only, and should not be considered as professional or medical advice. To make an informed decision we suggest you consult other sources of information. We accept no responsibility for information inaccuracy in this text. Please consult with you health practitioner before considering any therapy or therapy protocols.”


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Graviola – The cancer busting super food

Graviola also knows as Brazilian pawpaw or guanaba,


A small evergreen rainforest plant that has been part of the natural and traditional medicine of south America and the Caribbean for centuries. Now day’s graviola is being used to treat fungus, infection and even cancer throughout the western world.

The first study on the medical properties of graviola was carried out in 1940 but to this day scientists are still discovering new uses for this natural super food.

 Health properties.

Graviola has a wide range of medical properties distributed throughout the plant some of its more traditional uses include reducing fever, counteracting diarrhoea and destroying worms and other parasites. But its health benefits go far beyond this with new research being carried out daily, their is a ever expanding school of thought that Graviola may even be able to reduce and kill cancerous cells in the body.

In 1979 the national cancer institute started its plant screening program intended to scour nature’s pharmacy for any plans that could hold the key to fighting the disease during their research they discovered the leaves and stems of the graviola plant to hold some of the properties they were looking for. Scientists then managed to isolate a set of chemicals extracted from the plant known as ‘annonaceous acetognins’ these substances have potent anti cancer properties.

Acetogenins work by slowing down the activity of cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. A study conducted at PurdueUniversity in California, demonstrated that the acetogenins can selectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also inhibit the growth of tumor cells resistant to doxorubicin (chemotherapeutic drug), respecting the integrity of cells healthy tissue. In another study conducted by scientists at the University, it was demonstrated that the acetogenins of Graviola are extremely powerful to have an ED50 (lethal dose 50) of up to 10 to 9 micrograms per milliliter, resulting to have about 10,000 times the power of adriamycin.

Other medical properties

  • Anti spasmodic (prevents or relieves spasms and convulsions)
  • Cardiotonic (balances functioning of the heart)
  • Hypotensive (reduces blood pressure)
  • Anti bacterial / Anti fungal
  • An extract from its leaves is known to be effectively used to treat malaria

Side effects

One major downfall of Graviola is the possible interaction of it and any other medications you may be taking. For example, there is a potential interaction with antidepressants. Check with a physician before taking graviola, especially for drug interaction.

Graviola shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy due to the fact it can cause premature uterine contractions. It is recommended to avoid graviola if breastfeeding.

Nerve Cells

Any condition involving nerve function, such as Parkinson’s disease, may worsen with the use of graviola. Graviola may kill nerve cells in the brain or other parts of the body.

What’s in the fruit, seed and leaf?

The pulp contains

81% moisture,

3% titratable acidity and

24% non-reducing sugar.

Graviola seed contains

8% moisture,

2% crude protein,

13% ash,

8% crude fiber,

20% fat

47% carbohydrate.

 The seed also contains

0.2% water soluble ash,

0.8% titratable acidity

17 mg calcium / 100 grams.

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4 Top ways to stay healthy this winter

It’s now early November and the warm days of summer are now just a distant memory but there has never been a better time to prepare for the cold months ahead. We would all like to stay healthy this winter and avoid the classic case of a cold arriving just in time for Christmas day but what can we do to keep ourselves fit and healthy through the winter months?



Get outdoors:

Even though it may seem tempting to stay inside and keep warm and cosy it’s actually very beneficial to keep active throughout the winter months, also take the opportunity to soak up any sunlight available as a deficiency can lead to depression.

Boost your immune system:

There are loads of great natural ways to boost your immune system and with the seasonal influx of flu and colds there is never a better time to get started.

It’s a good idea to stock up on fruit for your vitamin C and dark leafy greens are a must. Also pro biotic yoghurt helps to increase your good bacteria in the gut.

Look after your heart:

Heart attacks can happen to you at any point throughout the year, but there is always a rise in cardio disease during the winter months. We recommend a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and garlic is known to lower blood pressure and is used as a treatment for hyper tension.

Keep hydrated:

When the weather is hot, most of us are eager to grab the nearest bottle of cold water and glug it down. But in the winter, many of us can go all day without even thinking about drinking water. This is a highly unhealthy practice as the change in season makes very little difference in diminishing the importance of water to your body.