4 Top ways to stay healthy this winter

It’s now early November and the warm days of summer are now just a distant memory but there has never been a better time to prepare for the cold months ahead. We would all like to stay healthy this winter and avoid the classic case of a cold arriving just in time for Christmas day but what can we do to keep ourselves fit and healthy through the winter months?



Get outdoors:

Even though it may seem tempting to stay inside and keep warm and cosy it’s actually very beneficial to keep active throughout the winter months, also take the opportunity to soak up any sunlight available as a deficiency can lead to depression.

Boost your immune system:

There are loads of great natural ways to boost your immune system and with the seasonal influx of flu and colds there is never a better time to get started.

It’s a good idea to stock up on fruit for your vitamin C and dark leafy greens are a must. Also pro biotic yoghurt helps to increase your good bacteria in the gut.

Look after your heart:

Heart attacks can happen to you at any point throughout the year, but there is always a rise in cardio disease during the winter months. We recommend a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and garlic is known to lower blood pressure and is used as a treatment for hyper tension.

Keep hydrated:

When the weather is hot, most of us are eager to grab the nearest bottle of cold water and glug it down. But in the winter, many of us can go all day without even thinking about drinking water. This is a highly unhealthy practice as the change in season makes very little difference in diminishing the importance of water to your body.


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