How to protect yourself against the effects of radiation


The events in Fukushima Daiichi.

Just over a year ago, Japan was hit with one of its greatest disasters in years, the damage done by this natural disaster echoed across the country and most notably, in Fukushima.

For weeks, the country held its breath, watching on as brave men and women of the Japanese community marched into the rapidly decaying nuclear power-plant, putting their lives of the line for the safety of others. The world however, simply watched on in horror and wondered, “What if that happened here?

But even with this enormous wake up call, most of us are unaware of the more subtle sources of radiation in our everyday lives. Ranging from our Mobile phones to our Laptops, almost everything seems to be generating a wireless signal in this day and age. And with that wireless signal comes an acute amount of Radiation and none of us are unaware of the deadly risks that radiation carries with it.

The radiation produced by Mobile phones, whilst minor, is still harmful and as to be expected, the transmitting towers that allow the use of out phones also project vast amounts of Radiation. Keeping in mind that any amount of Radiation will, over time, cause human cells to mutate. Is it any wonder that Cancer rates in highly developed areas are rapidly increasing?

With all this radiation bouncing around, we need to be aware of ways to protect ourselves against the negative affects, but to be aware of how to protect yourself against radiation, we need to be able to spot the effects of radiation.

Minor Radiation Sickness Symptoms

  • Marrow bone failure
  • Severe burns
  • Acute lung injury
  • Ulceration of the bowel
  • Cancers
  • Thyroid cancers
  • Leukaemia
  • Cataracts
  • Scarring (fibrosis) to various organs.

As you can see, even minor Radiation sickness can lead to deadly complications in your life. So our need to increase our Radiation resistance is far more important than you would originally believe.

Herbal Protection 

There are dozens of different herbs that can help build up your radiation defenses, the most potent of which is Rosemary. Over the course of several studies Rosemary was shown to rid the body of Radiation Free radicals that target and disassemble cells, as well as fighting radiation damage to cells.
Ashwaganda is another herb that is good for protecting yourself against radiation, acting like glue for your cells, which makes it harder for radiated cells or free radicals to disassemble your cells. Reishi mushrooms, whilst not actual herbs, are great for boosting your immune system against all attacks, which includes “Assaults” from Radiation.


Many foods contain natural chemicals and vitamins that help to build up the immune system and defenses against Radiation poisoning, one such food is Barley. Barley grass, an integral part of any Anti-Radiation diet, it has a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other proteins (a­mino acids), essential fatty acids and chlorophyll. Barley grass is packed full of enzymes, which control the transformations in the body, so the more enzymes in your body the faster you will be able to detoxify itself, meaning you are going to be filtering out excess radiation at a much faster rate.

Sesame seeds are another food that greatly increase your radiation defenses as it increases your blood platelets, which are incredibly useful for fighting off infections. A third food type that is highly valued in an anti-radiation diet is Cruciferous vegetables, which includes, cabbages, turnips, spinach and Brussels sprouts, now, what these are good for in this situation links into the fact that all Cruciferous vegetables have powerful anti-cancer properties, helping to build your defenses against radiation poisoning causing cancer growth.

Sea vegetables also greatly help to improve your chances of fighting of minor Radiation poisoning, containing agar which acts as a thickening agent, boosting your defenses against radiation. Essential Fatty Oils build your immune system and cancer defenses, foods that produce this essential oil are fairly uncommon, it mainly originated from flax-seed oil, evening primrose oil and many fish, Salmon being the main producer among fish.

Milk and Yogurt are full of friendly bacteria, which naturally protect your immune system and body by rejecting harmful bodies and fight any cells that cannot be affected. Bee pollen contains all the important Amino acids you need as well as bioflavonoid, B-complex and Vitamins A, D, E, K, C, all of which are important in fighting off any foreign bodies.


There are many supplements that can add to an anti-radiation diet greatly, when taken daily, the following supplements can help to build any anti-radiation diet.

  • Chlorophyll is an incredibly useful for Anti-Radiation, seeming as studies have shown that diets containing large amounts Chlorophyll were more resistant to radiation poisoning.
  • Taking half a spoon of Olive Oil a day will help to protect exposed cell membranes against any damage, meaning they will become far more resistant to radiation attacks.
  • Vitamin E supports Vitamin A and fatty acids, boosting the defenses around them when targeted by irradiated cells.
  • In addition to the previous statement, Vitamin A helps speed up recovery from radiation sickness by speeding up the expulsion of irradiated cells.
  • Selenium is also a useful supplement as it helps to prevent both internal and external damage t the body from radiation, causing a lacking of scarring on even mild radiation sickness and burns.
  • Rutin strengthens your capillary walls and reduces hemorrhaging from X-rays, which are just a concentrated form of radiation, so will have similar, if not stronger effects on residual radiation.
  • Burdock root is the final supplement I will make note of, but it deserves praise on the basis that its sole benefit is the forceful ejection of radioactive cells and isotopes from the body, simply stated, it will remove amounts of radioactive build up in your body quickly and efficiently.



Iodine Pill’s one of the first steps in Radiation Protection

Although I am stating the obvious dangers associated with Radiation, one must also admit that Nuclear energy is one of the safest sources of energy, so we have to see that Radiation is here to stay, so in correlation with that fact we need to find a more permanent way to increase our resistance to radiation and barring full-blown Radiation suits, there are few options.

And Iodine is the option I’ll be evaluating here, out of many different options, Iodine will be one of the few I can readily identify to you dear reader.  We all know what Iodine is, as it’s in table salt and has been since 1924, introduced into common table salt to try to combat Iodine deficiency that was prevalent in society. Iodine is used in the body to keep your thyroid gland working, which is responsible for distributing energy to the cells in your body; in addition the Thyroid gland produces certain hormones that control our BMR or Basic metabolic rate, which is a kind of register for how much energy our body is using.

I’ve gone over how and why the Thyroid gland depends on your Iodine supply; therefore if the body is lacking in Iodine, it won’t function. If your thyroid gland doesn’t function properly you may begin to suffer from Hypothyroidism; which would cause you to become tired and/or weak. This could then lead to strokes, or even heart attacks; but fortunately hypothyroidism is easily treatable. Most Doctors would recommend thyroid hormone pills to help fight off hypothyroidism.

Or of course you increase your Iodine levels and avoid this all together. However Iodine is responsible for more than just helping our Thyroid hormones maintain our basic metabolic rate, in addition it is required for:

  • Speech and mental state.
  • Reproduction.
  • Carbohydrate absorption.
  • Nerve and bone formation.
  • Protein Synthesis.
  • Normal growth and development.
  • Energy metabolism.
  • The condition of the skin, hair, nails and teeth.
  • Cholesterol synthesis.

So before I’ve even described how Iodine can combat the effects of Radiation you should be able to see the obvious uses for it in your body, however now I shall move onto how it can help to protect you from radiation damage.

Read carefully as this is a little complicated. When nuclear radiation is released it also releases a form of irradiated Iodine, which is a bi-product of uranium fission. As it is Iodine, your body absorbs the radiation alongside the Iodine, which travels into your thyroid giving it a much higher radiation does than any other part of your body, causing it to deteriorate at an advanced rate, which in turn slows your metabolic rate causing your body to process the radioactive cells over an extended period of time and allowing them to do more damage.

So the question here, is how does taking more Iodine stop this problem? Simply actually. Imagine your thyroid as a glass, which you fill with pure water, then take dirty water and attempt to pour that into the glass as well, what happens? The dirty water overflows and cannot stay in the glass, now imagine that the clean water was pure Iodine, the dirty water Irradiated Iodine.

Much like the aforementioned Glass, your thyroid gland can only hold so much iodine before rejecting any Iodine that it attempts to process, by extension if you manage to increase your Iodine intake with regular supplements your body will be less likely to process the irradiated iodine, letting it pass you causing minimal damage as it does. Whilst this method is not going to keep your body completely clean of radiation, it can help reduce the effects of the radiation on key parts of your body. Basing a theory on the idea that your thyroid will be spared the most damage from radiation, your body should be able to process the irradiated cells at an accelerated rate helping you fight off some of the most adverse effects of radiation poisoning.

Please keep in mind however, there is no 100% certain method to stave off the full effects of radiation, not yet anyway, but at least you have been appropriately armed with information for your fight against radiation.


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