Natural remedies for sebaceous cysts and boils

What is a sebaceous cyst?

To put things simply a cyst is a sac-like structure filled with liquid and semi-solid material. They can form on any part of our bodies and vary in size from barely visible up to the size of a small water melon.There are around 22 different types of cyst found in humans each treated using different approaches , most how ever can be treated easily with medication.

Aloe Vera:

There are a number of options when looking into herbs and medicinal plants that can help with cysts. One of the best is aloe vera this succulentaloe vera plant native to North Africa its used to treat a huge amount of differing health issues ranging from burns to treatment of acne .

How to use?

Simply apply aloe vera in gel form directly to the infected area, if possible leave the gel to work it’s magic overnight. For optimal results try drinking aloe vera juice to help cleanse your whole system, you will find it readily available at all good health food stores.

Witch Hazel:

This small low growing shrub native to north america. In days gone by witch hazels branches were used to make dowsing rods. The bark and the leaves of witch hazel contain high levels of tannins, this gives the plant its strong astringent properties that help to tighten pores and remove excess oils.

How to use?

The witch hazel is applied in the same way as the before mentioned aloe vera, simply apply a pea size amount of the jell or cream to the effected area. Leave to soak into the skin you should see the size of your cyst reducing in just a couple of days.

Lugols Iodine.

This is a great, tried and tested method for treating persistent cysts. Logol’s Iodine is available in all good health stores and comes in a variety of strengths from past experience I recommend the 15% formula when treating cysts. Apply the solution to your skin using a cotton bud 2 or 3 times a day. Be warned iodine will stain and of your clothes it comes into contact with some make sure to be careful and not wear you best clothes.

Black Blood Root drawing salve

This really is amazing stuff, containing 100% natural ingredients this mixture draws toxins to the surface of your skin helping you to drain and clear up your cyst with no adverse side effects. Although its not your cheapest option available it is most defiantly one of the more powerful tools you have at your disposal.

How to use?

The manufacturers of this product recommend using it ‘little and often’. This being said to gain maximum results we would suggest using it at least 4 times a day. Simply apply to the effected area then seal it closed using a bandage of plaster. With in a couple of days your cyst should be gone.

imagesacv reachliApple cider vinegar

Recently I have been reading online about people treating their cysts using nothing more than apple cider vinegar. I have not tried this method myself yet but from what I have read it sounds promising. Simply apply apple cider vinegar to the effected area then in the name way as the root salve you need to cover the area with a plaster or bandage and leave the vinegar to do its work.

After around 4 days you should notice the skin will have formed a scab like lump over the cyst area (do not worry this is perfectly normal) at this point stop applying the ACV and wait a further couple of days. This allows the skin time to dry out, once your happy that the skin has dried attempt the remove the scab of skin. When it comes of it should being the head of the cyst of with it allowing easy draining of the fluids inside.


Its our view that nature hold the key to all human health issues but some times its essential to see a qualified medical practitioner if symptoms persist longer than a few weeks.


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