Natural foods to help with constipation.

Natural foods to help with constipation.

We all know how nasty it can be when you have been trying to go, but your body says no.. It’s recommended that the average adult consumes at least 26 grams of fibre throughout the day this will help to regulate you bowl movements. On average people in the UK consume just 14g per day which might go some way to explaining the high levels of constipation reported throughout the country.

But what foods can we use to combat this problem?

Dates – The health benefits of dates are almost uncountable, the fruit is packed full of natural fibres, vitamins & minerals. Dates work as natural laxatives with there unique action able to relive your symptoms in a matter on minuets. Be sure to soak your dates in cold water for 12 hours before consuming them to gain optimum results

Figs – Figs are one of the best natural sources of dietary fibre, fibre helps relieve constipation bt promoting the movement of material through the large intestines. To gain the maximum benefit from your figs its recommended to eat the skins as well as the soft pulpy centre as this is where the majority of the fibre Is found.

Flax Seed – The seeds as well as the stems and leaves of the flax plant have been used throughout history in cooking, medicine as well as textile production. Flaxseeds offer a wealth of healthful nutrients including Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Fibre & vitamins, minerals and phytoestrogens which make them ideal when combating constipation

Oatmeal – I wanted to include oatmeal in this rundown as there is a common misconception that oatmeal helps with cases of constipation. The truth is that even though oatmeal if a type of fibre, its actually made of soluble fibre. Soluble fibre slows down the transit of material through the large intestines and can actually prolong cases of constipation.

Bran – Wholegrain breakfast cereals are great at dealing with the root of the problem. By simply adding a small bowl of Branflakes ® to your morning routine you can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting constipation.


Although there is not a huge amount of evidence to back up the effectiveness of using probiotics, there is a ever growing school of thought that suggests they can help with not only constipation but a whole host of other similar conditions including strengthening your immune system.
Probiotics help with constipation by increasing the water content of the stool as well as adding bulk and softening of the feces , all these factors help to increase the speed of which material is moved through the gut.


If your body is deficient is magnesium you are far more likely to suffer from some form of constipation, But fear not. It’s easy to make small adjustments to your diet that will have a large impact on your over all health. Some of the best sources of magnesium are nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables and whole grains.


Although all these foods are a great place to start, its very important to make sure you are consuming enough water on a regular basis. For people suffering from constipation its suggested to consume a minimum of 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. The extra liquid will help to soften and loosen material in your intestines and help to make your system more regular.


Although it is our firm belief that nature holds the the key to all health issues some times if your symptoms persist it is necessary to see a qualified health care professional.


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