10 top anti ageing foods

10 top anti ageing foods

No one likes getting older, as the years past the effect of gravity on your body becomes more and more visible. But what can be done to slow down this process?

Well there are literally thousands of methods available to you ranging from plastic surgery to plants. Today we are going to look at the second option and find out what natural products are available and find out how.

Sunflower seeds:

As little as one ounce of sunflower seeds can supply your body with 75% of your recommended intake of Vitamin E. It’s this vitamin in particular that is essential for vibrant healthy skin. Sunflower seeds also contain a whole host of other great.

berry-blue-02Wild berry’s:

Berry’s really are one of the best foods when trying to fight the effects of ageing. Packed full of flavonoids and anthocyanins, these antioxidants actively help to promote cell health as well as protect your body against disease. Darker berry’s tend to pack more anti ageing punch then lighter coloured variety’s. There is even some evidence that suggest blue berry’s could reverse neurological degeneration, improve memory and a whole host of other benefits.

Dark Chocolate:

Exposure to the suns ultraviolet radiation really dark chocolatetakes its toll on a persons skin. But help is at hand by consuming a small amount of dark chocolate once a day you can greatly reduce the impact of harmful UV rays on your skin. Coco beans from which chocolate is made have a high antioxidant capacity then any other food. This not only helps your sling but can reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

soy-beansSoy and Kidney Beans:

Beans are on of the best sources of low-fat protein, especially useful for those of us that choose not to eat meat. Beans are also high in fibre meaning they can be useful to people trying to reduce cholesterol levels.


Fish oil has always been one of the most popularhealthy fish dietary supplement on the market for a reason. By regularly eating fish or taki

ng oil in the form of supplements you are increasing the levels of omega 3 fatty acids in your body, this helps to protect against heart disease, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and decrease risk of arrhythmia.


Cinnamon is emerging as a true wonder food in terms of health protection and anti-aging. Who knew that it is also a natural appetite suppressant?

Recent research shows that cinnamon may decrease the Post meal insulin spike associated with eating sugar rich foods if this inst enough no a reason to include cinnamon in your diet its currently being used all over the world for treating a variety of health disorders

Olive oil:

In every 10mg of oil you can expect to find 5mg ofimages (1) antioxidants, vitamins and polyphenols. Its this that gives olive oil its unique ability to combat degenerative disease. In fact the world health organization recommends the Mediterranean diet to the world healthiest and olive oil the be the best source of fat.

images (2)Yoghurt:

In the 1970’s the Russian state of Georgia had more people over the age of 100 then any other place on earth. What was there secrete? Well reports from the times indicate I could have had a lot to do with yogurt  Yogurt is rich in calcium which helps your body stave of thing such as osteoporosis also helping to deliver good bacteria to your gut which can diminish the incidence of age related intestinal illness


Studies show that adults who regularly eat nuts images (3)live an average of two and a half years long than people who fail to add them to their diet. Nuts are a rich source of unsaturated fats , this means they offer your body similar benefits as the before mention olive oil


Wine truly is a anti ageing super food, drinking wine in moderation protects your body against heart disease, diabetes and age related memory loss. Red wine contains a compound known as ‘resveratrol’ that may activate genes that slow cellular ageing.


One thought on “10 top anti ageing foods

  1. Joanne

    Foods play a big role in the aging process. Eating the right types will help to slow it down and keep your skin firm and smooth. I agree that berries is the best for slowing the aging process. I have to admit though that wine as a super food for anti aging is right up my alley. I think I am in trouble now LOL


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