Are E-Cigarettes a risk free option?

Are E-Cigarettes a risk free option?

You may have noticed that people seem to be smoking inside and bars and pubs E-cig-healthonce more, The concept of a electronic cigarette is not a new one but after only receiving its UK patent in 2011 there seems to be some what of current craze for these publicly accepted nicotine hits. They work in much the same was as a regular cigarette but use water vapour to deliver the nicotine in to your lungs. E-Cigarettes are said to be a completely safe product with no harmful chemicals or components, but is this really the case?

A recent study published in the journal PloS One may have uncovered some disconcerting facts about these so called ‘harmless’ devices

The filament, a nickel-chromium wire, was coupled to a thicker copper wire coated with silver. The silver coating was sometimes missing. Four tin solder joints attached the wires to each other and coupled the copper/silver wire to the air tube and mouthpiece. All cartomizers had evidence of use before packaging (burn spots on the fibres and electrophoretic movement of fluid in the fibres). Fibres in two cartomizers had green deposits that contained copper. Centrifugation of the fibres produced large pellets containing tin. Tin particles and tin whiskers were identified in cartridge fluid and outer fibers. Cartomizer fluid with tin particles was cytotoxic in assays using human pulmonary fibroblasts. The aerosol contained particles >1 µm comprised of tin, silver, iron, nickel, aluminium, and silicate and nanoparticles (<100 nm) of tin, chromium and nickel. The concentrations of nine of eleven elements in EC aerosol were higher than or equal to the corresponding concentrations in conventional cigarette smoke. Many of the elements identified in EC aerosol are known to cause respiratory distress and disease.

So in more understandable terms E-Cigarttes in many cases have higher quantity’s of harmful metals and nano particles then conventional tobacco based products. This is more often than not the fault of poorly constructed devices and demonstrating the need for improved quality control in EC design and manufacture for the future.

Please share your views on EC and how you think they could be improved below in the comment section


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