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Natural anti depressants

The number of people being prescribed anti depressant drugs from there doctors has been on a steady rise over the last decade. Some statistics indicate the as many as one in three people living in the UK have taken some form of anti depressant in the last 5 years. With well over a million prescriptions being filled last year alone, anti depressants have now become the most commonly prescribed medication in the country. But why the sudden rise and are there any natural options available?

St John’s Wort:

The popular herb ‘Hypericum Perforatum’ commonly known as St Johns Wort had been used johns wortas a way of controlling ‘Sadness & worry’ for generations. Past down through folk law its no clear when this unique herb was first used but its powerful anti depressant properties are still just as relevant in today’s modern world as they were in times gone by.

There have now been over 20 clinical trails carried out, all of which indicate that St. Johns Wort worked significantly better than the placebo when dealing with cases of depression and anxiety.

This product is widely available found at and good health food store and even some super market shelves and can be purchased in pill form or a liquid extract.

omega-3Omega-3 fatty acids:

Omega-3 is a type of fat predominately found in cold water fish. Our bodies don’t naturally produce omega-3 fats so the only way to obtain them is through diet. A number of studies have linked depression with low intake of dietary omega-3 fatty acids. Country’s with low fish consumption such as north America have almost 10 times the levels of depression then in country with rich sea food diets such as Japan.

Instead of eating more fish, some experts recommend taking your fish oils in supplement form there for avoiding the heavy metals and radiation currently found in fish stocks throughout the planet.

This product is widely available in health stores and super markets alike.

Folic Acid

Also known as folate, Folic acid is actually a B Vitamin and is very often deficient in people suffering from depression. Commonly found in dark leafy vegetables as well as fruit, beans and fortified grains. Taking folic acid in combination with anti depressants has been shown to provide more benefits than anti depressants alone.


5-HTP is short for 5-hydroxyptophan. Your body dose naturally produce 5-HTP for use as a neurotransmitter, some experts claim that this is enough and that supplements are unnecessary however supplements are widely available online and in good health food shops. It’s not advised to take 5-HTP in combination with any anti-depressants


Reduce your intake of processed sugars

processed sugars and sweets may initially leave you feeling good , but with every up comes a vege colour chartdown and as your body produce insulin at a rapid rate, it wont be too long before you crash and burn.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol:

This may seem obvious but a surprising number of people who are suffering from depression turn to drink or other mild drugs such a caffeine to help cope with there condition. Like sugar they can both give you a initial high but alcohol in particular has a strong depressant nature and will leave you feeling worse for days to follow.


In today’s modern world a lot of people are not managing to gain enough magnesium through their diet alone. But what’s it used for? Well magnesium has many uses within the body such as production of serotonin.

Some of the best sources of magnesium are, nuts, whole grains and green vegetables.

Vitamin B6:

Like magnesium, vitamin B is needed by your body to produce the mood-enhancing neurotransmitters seratonin and dopamine. Deficiency of vitamin B6 is very rare but can be more common in people taking hormone replacement therapy.


As well as keeping you fit and healthy exercise is also a great inexpensive way of improving your mood. The simple act of raising your heart beat through any form of aerobic exercise will release mood-elevating chemicals in the brain. The important thing is to find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick to your routine.

Light therapy

Getting enough sunlight is essential for human health, seasonal mood changes have been a known phenomenon for years. Exposure to the suns UV rays activates serotonin products as well as offering our bodies Vitamin D. In the colder winter months some people suffer from ‘sad’ seasonal effective disorder which can be treated by visiting light boxes designed to offer your body the same.


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