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Natural remedies for tooth achetoothache

As most people are well aware tooth ache can be one of the worst pains we ever have to suffer and with our current health system set up the way it is sometimes it can be weeks before we get the chance to visit a dentist, but what can be done to avoid those sleepless nights and endless pain?

Well due to my own suffering recently I’ve done extensive research into the natural remedies that could be able to help here are my top 5.

Oregano oil:

When suffering from tooth ache or abscesses simply rub oil of oregano mixture around the infected tooth. Be sure to dilute the mixture first using pure olive oil as can be very strong. For sores in the mouth, simply mix one drop of oregano oil with about one tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil and hold the mixture under your tong until saliva gathers


Cloves are one of the most popular natural remedies when dealing with tooth ache; they contain a very strong aesthetic chemical called Eugenol. Eugenol is not only a great aesthetic but also has strong antiseptic properties.


One of the best remedies for tooth ache is to take a clove of garlic and pound it in a pestle and mortar. All you have to do is apply the mashed up garlic to the effected tooth and leave it for around 10 minuets. Although this may leave your breath smelling its well worth it for the medicinal properties garlic can offer.

Salt water:

One of the most convenient options for many people simply add a couiple of spoonfuls of salt to a cup of warm water, give it a stir then use it to rinse around your month focusing of the sorest parts of your mouth. After a few min’s spin out the solution this effect should be instant and last for a good couple of hours. Try adding more salt or using hotter water if you’re not getting the desired effects.

Natural tooth paste:

A great way of dealing with tooth pain is to switch your toothpaste there are now many natural tooth pastes available that not only avoid toxic ingredients but contain oregano oil, cloves and garlic meaning you get all of the goodness they offer in one simple tube.


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