Juice D – Product Review

DSCF4543Our good friends at Juice-D surprised us this morning with a delivery of fresh juices to our healthy shop HQ here in Devon. This stuff seriously packs a health punch! Karen Downs who runs the company has been working round the clock to come up with a range of amazing flavors each with its own unique list of benefits for your body.

Our favorites?

Blood Builder; This has got to be one of my favorite juices on the market, by combining sweet tasting orange and apple juices with the normally quite bitter taste of beet-root, Karen and her team have produced a simply sublime tasting drink with amazing health properties including reducing blood pressure, increasing blood flow to the brain and other areas, strong antioxidant properties and a great sources of folic acid!

Ginger zinger; Another one of our favorites from the Juice-D range is the ‘Ginger Zinger’ this great tasting mixture of carrot, ginger, apple and orange is loaded with health benefits some of which include improving digestion, overcoming nausea and help with fatigue.

Wheat Grass; If you’re a fan of natural health you will already know about the amazing health benefits that wheatgrass can offer, however if you have tried to drink it in the past I’m sure you will agree the flavour leaves a lot to be desired! Well, not anymore!
By combing wheatgrass with spinach and carrot juice Karen has created a great tasting wheatgrass based juice that can be enjoyed by anyone. Give it a go today!

For more information please check out the official website at www.Juice-D.com

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