The Amazing Healing Benefits of Stinging Nettles

The Healing Benefits of Stinging Nettles

nettlesThe common stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has got to be one of the most commonly used herbal remedies worldwide, found on every continent except Antarctica these plants have been used to help fight against harmful organisms, combat swelling and redness as well as improve prostate health in men and helping to balance blood sugar levels for people suffering from diabetes.

Health benefits include:

  • Arthritis, Nettles can be boiled into a tea and drank daily this had a powerful alkalizing effect on the body and can help to release uric acid from the joints helping to eliminate pain.
  • Anemia, Nettles are one of the top sources of iron found in nature this can be of great benefit to women as they also help to process extra estrogens helping to relief symptoms of the menopause.
  • Urinary track, Nettles can be used to improve bladder health for both sexes this is due to its action as a natural diuretic; also nettles can help to break down kidney stones in a similar way to apple cider vinegar.
  • Hair loss, when used as a hair rinse it can not only help to stimulate new growth, but also combats your grays but helping to return your hair to its original color.
  • Eczema, The leaves and stem of the plant are covered with tiny hairs that release chemicals when touched. This is what is referred to as the nettle’s “sting.” These same chemicals, when ingested or applied topically, may reduce the inflammation in the body that causes eczema
  • Acne, Stinging nettle tea works to cleanse your skin by addressing the problems that may be occurring in your blood. The chemicals in stinging nettle tea work to remove excessive toxins in your blood stream, allowing your skin to more effectively cleanse itself, thus preventing acne in the early stages.
  • Warts, Nettles can work miracles at fighting nasty warts simply apply a cotton bud soaked in cold nettle tea to your problem warts several times a day for around a week. In no time at all you will see them shrink and disappear.
  • Diabetes, There are very mixed reports when it comes to the use of nettles to treat diabetes although there have been some scientific papers proving curtain benefits there are still many people who don’t recommend their use. So we suggest doing your own research before starting any treatment.
  • Hay fever, A recent study shows that that nettle capsules can help to reduce itching and sneezing in people suffering from hay fever.

What are the health benefits of stinging nettles?

(Video Transcription)

Hi there folks it’s Andrea Cox here for the healthy haven.

Thanks you so much for being here with me in my kitchen today and boy oh boy do I have a surprise for all of you. I’ve got something that all of you email me about whenever I post a photo of my juices or salad, sometimes I even make this into a pesto and these are “stinging nettles” I’ve got them wrapped up in a plastic bag right now, this is due to the painful sting they can leave you with if they come into contact with your skin.

So I’m just going to take them out and show you, stinging nettles are so incredibly balancing for a woman’s hormonal system especially around the time of her menstrual cycle. The best thing to do is boil them down to make a nettle tea. This is great for all you guys who don’t like to get into the herbs that I put into capsules etc but want some of the great health benefits on offer.

As I said before you must be careful when handling nettles and they will sting you and can cause some bleeding and rashes. In order to ingest nettles raw they have to be blended or juiced. You cannot just eat them as they are in a salad as your mouth will break out in hives. I actually make a nettle pesto with a few other great ingredients including hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, stinging nettles, a little olive oil and some salt and pepper. Trust me this stuff tastes absolutely amazing!


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