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4 thoughts on “links

  1. carolinebakker

    Hey there great blog, love your focus. As you have seen, I have reblogged your new immune system booster post as I love it! Well done and thank you for sharing this with the net. All the best. warm regards caroline

  2. Matt


    Great website. I was wondering if you would like to do something with Quit Tea? Quit Tea has sponsored many product give-a-ways. Our website is It would fit right into the natural health remedies theme. We could also be happy to pay for a product review. Or, I could write a general piece about the substitution strategy of quitting smoking for your blog. Please let me know if you have any interested in working together. We are open to anything.



    1. healthtruth2012 Post author

      Hi Matt thanks for your comment, I’ve just checked out your website and your product looks great. We would be happy for you to submit a guest article as long as its unique content. Would you be able to send us a box as we have a couple of smokers here in the office I’m sure would love to try it out.

      Look forward to hearing back from you



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