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Intro to Holistic Living

Hi, I’m John Daly and, well, today is the day I begin passing on a few things about what it means to live a more holistic lifestyle. Pretty simple, huh? 😉 From diet, hydration, stress, meditation, laughter, dharma (purpose in life), I’ll try and create dialogues around topics that may be a little more niche to the average person, yet be practical enough to make use of in a day-to-day setting.


“Hi every one my name is john, just recently I decided to make a series of videos discussing what I’ve come to learn over the years regarding how to live a little bit more holistically. What I mean by that is things like diet to pretty much ass facets of nutrition and how I’ve evolved my own diet and things that I’ve noticed with my own health.

Also exercise with things like Yoga, Thai chi and rebounding and stretching showing what they can provide for health. And I would even like to talk about the mental and emotional components of health as these seem to be the missing elements that I notice in a lot of people.

Just now I recalling the words that ‘nothing kills someone quicker than uninspired living’ and there nothing more true than that, when you see people that have arthritic pain or chronic fatigue syndrome we start seeing these terms appearing more and more for things that we cant quite describe. So what I want to talk about is things I’ve come to learn over the last few years I’ve looking into nutrition, and seeing where our food comes from”

I wanted to discuss agriculture a little bit and why organically grown food will lead you to better health. Not only do you get more nutrition, you will get fewer irritants in the form of pesticides, herbicides, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which will lead you to a longer, healthier life.

Big pharmaceutical companies will saturate you with inconclusive data on their studies of healthy food (for obvious reasons) but any independent test will show higher nutrient yields from soil that has been managed with compost or ‘green manures’.

I have been speaking to a few people regarding agriculture so I wanted to touch on a very important subject as far as I’m concerned and that’s what’s in our soil? What is in our agriculture? What is in the food that we are eating?

There is a very big difference between something that is conventionally grown and something that is grown organically, I would like to spend some time discussing this issue. So in this video I’m going to primarily talk  about the industry but I’m also going to cover how there are big differences between what mineral content is in our food as well as supporting a new model of living, and this is very well seen in agriculture.

Conventionally grown food is primarily grown using synthetic fertilizers and these fertilizers (a lot of them actually come from post wars times when a lot of bombs were left over  and a lot of farmers or people that were looking at the business side of things were thinking, how can we make food look good. How can we make our plants look greener? Our tomatoes look rounder? or the skin look more red on a tomato for example? The conclusion was Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium.)

 The unfortunate thing about this is that once these synthetic chemicals were put into our agriculture and into our food chain it created not only a lot of havoc on our immune systems but it also left us with deficiency are food now is being grown in less and less nutrient rich soil nitrogen potassium and phosphorous and just 3 different minerals, there are a plethora of more. Some say 70 some say 80 lets call it around 72 minerals.

People come in with lets say osteosclerosis looking for boron, borons supposed to be in our soil there for meant to be in our food but commercial agriculture its not supplemented for, instead its synthetically added by chemicals so we don’t see it in the food.

We are seeing heart disease on the rise, cancer on the rise, infertility on the rise and a lot of this can be traced back to what’s in our food or more importantly what’s not in our food and that is the minerals so not only is boron not in our food but I have people coming in looking for chromium which helps with the pancreas to balance blood sugar with its insulin production, or selenium for anti cancer or silica for hair, teeth, skin, nails.

People are buying these product right left and centre as they can no longer be found in our food, These are things that should naturally be in all fresh food and now we are seeing a plethora of all these new diseases because the minerals are no longer in our soil, we are a society that is deficient.