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Health benefits of winter vegetables

During the cold winter months our bodies need a steady supply of fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy as well as help fight of viruses including colds and flu. Vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C and a whole host of other nutrients and minerals that help to both avoid illness and maintain good health.

Some of the very best winter vegetables include:

  1. Artichoke – Artichokes posses powerful antioxidant properties but there health uses don’t stop there, Studies done with artichoke leaf extract have found that they induce apoptosis (cell death) and reduce cell proliferation in many different forms of cancer, including prostate cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer.
  1. Kale – Just one cup of Kale contains around 10% of your daily RDA of calcium. In addition to this Kale is also a great source of many essential dietary minerals including copper, potassium, iron and manganese
  1. Cabbage – The health benefits of cabbage include frequent use as a treatment for constipation, stomach ulcers, headaches, obesity, skin disorders, eczema, jaundice, scurvy, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, eye disorders, heart diseases, aging, and Alzheimer’s disease
  1. Arugula – Arugula is one leafy vegetable that certainly stands out. It is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. Arugula contains about eight times the calcium, fives times the vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, and four times the iron as the same amount of iceberg lettuce.
  1. Winter squash – Winter squashes sometimes referred to as butternut squashs belong to a family of plants known as Cucurbitaceae this family also includes pumpkins. Butternut squash contains many vital poly-phenolic anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Mono Meals – Is eating one type of food per meal a healthy alternative?

MONOMEALSOver the last few months I have noticed this subject popping up more and more often. The concept involves looking at how animals in nature eat food and attempting to replicate their behaviour. When observing animals eat you will notice that they will find a meal, eat there fill of that current food stuff and then move on. It’s this act of eating just one thing at a time that many people are now attempting to fit into their diet plans. But how healthy is this for our bodies?

Well, you are right in thinking that a healthy diet needs to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds this is to ensure we get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals needed by out bodies, but having a varied diet dose not have to mean that every meal has to include a wide range of foods. Variety can work just as well on a daily or even weekly basis.

The Essence Gospel of peace
‘For I tell you truly, if you mix together all sorts of food in your body, then the peace of your body will cease, and endless war will rage in you.’

Benefits of eating mono

  1. Ease of digestion; when eating an average western style meal it is quite common to end up with 4 plus items of food in each mouthful we consume.  All these foods break down differently and take different amounts of time to be absorbed by our bodies.
  1. Be sure what foods your body doesn’t agree with; its very hard to work out what specific foods we have allergies to, when you eat one meal at a time it become very easy to tell what your body likes and what it doesn’t.
  1. Quality Control; When you have hundreds of options each meal time its hard to find out what we actually like. Soon after starting your mono diet you will realize that a lot of the foods that you have eaten day in day out for years are not very tasty when eaten on their own as part of a mono diet. Soon you will naturally pick the very best foods that you feel will serve you body best at the time.
  1. Learn when you are really feeling full; When only eating one item of fruit or vegetables per meal you learn to read your bodies natural signals that your becoming full. This is hard to do when you eat many things in one meal as each taste and flavour confuses the body, not allowing you to feel full until you have eaten more than you need.

It’s very important to note that the whole concept of eating mono meals is centered around consuming largely raw vegetarian food. These ideas do not translate into western style food. Eating just big macs one day and kfc the next really is going to do nothing but put you in hospital fast.

Natural insecticides – The how too home made guide

220px-Acyrthosiphon_pisum_(pea_aphid)-PLoSI’m sure a lot of you are aware that Monsantos now world famous weed killer known as ‘Round-up’ its a awful toxic mixture which seems to have been made with a intention to to harm  the environment and animals throughout the word. But what are the other options open to the discerning organic gardener who just wants to keep those pesky bugs in check?

Homemade All-Purpose Insecticide Spray

The Ingredients

  • 15 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cayenne peppers (or 3 jalapeno peppers or 1 tablespoon cayenne powder)
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid castile soap (fragrance free)
  • 4 cups warm water


1. In a blender combine the water, garlic, onion, and peppers and puree.

2. Pour the mixture into a glass jar, secure the lid, and steep for 6-24 hours on the counter.

3. Strain through a cheesecloth, then add the liquid castile soap and mix well.

4. Load the mixture into a spray bottle and you’re good to go.

To Use

I love this recipe! Try it on a host of pests in your garden and feel free to adjust it as needed with other insect repellent herbs. Spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves, throughly coating them. Store this mixture in the fridge and if it is strained well, it should keep for at least 1-2 months.

Note: Be sure to test a patch prior to spraying the entire plant. Take care not to get this on your skin or in your eyes, the cayenne pepper will burn.

Basic Insecticidal Soap

  • 1 1/2 teaspoon any type of liquid soap (i.e. castile, dish washing soap, ivory, etc.)
  • 1 quart water


1. Combine all ingredient in a spray bottle.

To Use

Set the spray bottle nozzle to stream and spray infested areas of the foliage. This insecticidal soap works great against some of the most common garden pests such as: aphids, earworms, borers, mites, whiteflies, maggots, moths, and beetles. Note: By adding 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol to the above recipe you can create a very mild but effective insecticidal soap that treats scale insects. The alcohol works against the scale’s shell.

  • Spider Mite Spray
  • The Ingredients
  • 1/8 cup buttermilk
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/4 gallon of water


1. In a bucket combine all of the ingredients and mix completely.

2. Load into a spray bottle.

To Use

Spray this homemade Spider Mite Spray anywhere spider mites are living or crawling. The mixture should rid your garden of all types of mites.


Superfoods, The unofficial Top ten




“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s… a salmon…the hell?”

Besides what the name (and my misleading opening comment) may lead you to believe, Superfoods, are not in fact foods with bizarre and amazing superpowers, nor will they give you superpowers. I am sorry to destroy your dream of becoming the masked avenger “Salmon Man”, but if it’s any comfort, this should be a highly informative read for you, giving you a few new ways to improve your diet and overall health.

So, what are Superfoods? Well, “Superfoods” is a word created to describe a grouping of foods which are naturally produced and contain a vast variation and quantity of essential nutrients that your body needs to work at its optimal capability (And there’s a way to personify the human body as a machine, in a health blog, well done…).

There is a problem with most Superfoods however; this problem being that “Superfoods” is technically a Superstore marketing buzz word. Meaning that most Superfoods on your local’s shelves is anything but, rather they are so polluted with the familiar chemicals used by commercial farmers that almost all of the nutritional value has been torn from the food. To elaborate, the only true Superfoods, are organic, wild or home-grown, as it’s only with these specimens you can almost guarantee that all of the original nutrition is still within the produce.

We can all benefit from increasing our intake of Superfoods, but there are some foods which are naturally superior and more beneficial to us, so now, for your reading enjoyment I present, the Top Ten Superfoods!

Drum roll please…

The Unofficial Top Ten Superfoods

Number 1: Eggs

A great source of Protein

A great source of Protein

Fairly recently, I spent a three week period in Japan with a friend and his wife whilst they visited family. Whilst I was there I saw and tried food I had never thought of eating, or thought of as edible. Squid, rotten beans, horse (Although I think we all have by this point.) and finally, raw eggs.

I will admit, in films like “Rocky” when the hero drinks down a dozen egg yolks, I always thought;
Won’t that make him ill..?”
Evidently I was wrong. As I was saying, whilst in Japan, I ate raw egg with rice, whilst I wasn’t a fan of the taste I queried why they ate them, in response I was told the following:

Egg yolks are one of the best foods you can eat; they contain large deposits of Protein, naturally make your eyesight better and make you smarter.”

Surprised, I forced the rest down and took another bowl.

When I got home, my curiosity was still peeked, so I did a little research into how good for you raw egg was, and to a greater extent, if it can actually make you smarter. The results of my searching were impressive to say the least. The woman I had spoken to was mostly right.

Eggs are indeed one of the best sources for Protein out there, the yolk specifically. For those of you who are unaware, Protein is the nutrient which is responsible for building, protecting and maintaining your body tissue, I.E your organs and skin.

Secondly, Eggs contain Lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are important nutrients for keeping your eyes strong and healthy, as well as improving your vision, so it is true that a steady diet of Eggs will, over time, increase the strength of your eyes.

Whereas Eggs do increase the flow of chlorine to your brain, it doesn’t necessarily increase your intelligence, it certainly increases the amount of oxygen available to the brain, doing so doesn’t increase your intelligence, it simply allows your cranial activities to speed up to a slight degree, promoting quick thinking. This flow of chlorine also travels to your nervous and cardiovascular systems, again increasing the flow of oxygen to these vital parts of your body.

In addition, Eggs also contain Iron, Vitamins A, D and B12, Folate and Selenium each of which are essential amino acids, and indispensable to the human system.

It is important to remember that most of these benefits come directly from the egg yolks, rather than the whole egg, so whilst you can eat the egg white as well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, before I forget, as long as you get your eggs from a fresh source, there is little to no risk of salmonella, so don’t panic over that little detail.

So with all that information now at your disposal, why don’t you try a raw egg, go on, get cracking. (See what I did there? I crack myself up! …I’ll stop now.)

Number 2: Kale

So much for so little.

So much for so little.

To be honest, before I started my research for this article, I had never heard of Kale, so I’m not surprised if you haven’t either (of course I could just be a very dim person, who knows?). Kale is a small cruciferous vegetable, which already places it in one of the most beneficial category of vegetables.

Kale carries with it, 9 essential Amino acids; Vitamin A, B and C. Calcium, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Indole-3-carbinol, Iron and Chlorophyll. Whilst the uses of the Vitamins and Calcium are fairly self explanatory, and the uses of Lutien and Zeaxanthin have been adressed, the others demand a little more explanation (and it lets me stretch this out a little more.)

Indole-3-carbinol is a nutrient with many uses to the body, the most well know being its ability to hamper the growth of a dangerous estrogen known as 4-hydroxyestrone, which is party responsible for the build up of aggressive cancer cells. Many theories claim that a regular intake of Indole-3-carbinol can help to stop the growth of cancer, and since there is no down side to eating Kale, it’s worth eating. In addition, it has been shown to help eliminate foreign matter in the liver, detoxifying them, as well as slowly repairing the kidney lining over time.

Iron helps the body produce energy, a key component of a healthy body. Low energy levels mean your cells cannot replicate at a significant speed, nor can they fight any infections you may be developing. As a plus, an optimum Iron level will have you feeling energetic and stronger as a person, giving you a boost into a more active lifestyle.

Finally, Chlorophyll, the nutrient that gives the Kale its rich Green color, has a multitude of benefits, as it strengthens bones, produces magnesium to help support muscle growth and strength, as well as maintaining blood pressure.

All in all, for such a small plant, Kale has an enormous amount going for it, backing up your immune system, muscles as well as several of your key organs. As it doesn’t cost a lot, I can recommend throwing a bunch or two into your veg drawer, you won’t regret it.

Number 3: Grass Fed Organic Natural Yogurt

Where it all begins.

Where it all begins.

When I can afford it, I’m one of those people who start my day with a natural yogurt, partly because I know it’s good for me, partly because it tastes good and partly because I’m lazy and I don’t need to cook anything if I eat yogurt.

As you know (or should know, and will now know) Natural yogurt is already bursting at the seems with Probiotics, tiny microscopic bacteria which fight against the bad bacteria in your body (if you’re not imaging tiny little warriors duking it out in your stomach now, you’re dead inside.), increasing your resistance to certain illnesses, mainly those targeting your gut. However, Grass-fed all natural Yogurt also boosts the energy your body has available for use each day, which makes it one of the go-to foods for many people on strict work out regiments.

For all of those who already knew that, there are other benefits to specifically Grass-fed Natural Yogurt, as it contains a plethora of nutrients;

I understand that you may be curious why having Phosphorus in your body would be considered, Good by any stretch of the imagination, well let me explain. Phosphorus is the second most prevalent metal in the human body, responsible for strengthening your teeth and bones, as well as helping organs like the brain and heart perform the duties that keep you alive.

The combination of each of these effects help make an All Natural Grass Fed Organic Yogurt (There’s a mouth full) a perfect way to start your day!

Number 4: Raw Almonds

Remember, Raw is better.

Remember, Raw is better.

I specifically say Raw for a reason, roasted or fried Almonds have all of the beneficial fats within them burned out by heat, so before I begin lets take all those deep fried almonds and hurl them out of the closest window (Don’t actually do that, seriously, the Police will come for you).

Dehydrated Raw almonds contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, both of which help to promote healthy cholesterol levels, as a small (but greatly appreciated) bonus they contain a grand total of 0, yes that’s right 0 trans fats!

Being rich in phytochemicals, Almonds also promote heart and vascular health, helping to keep your heart pumping at a good regular rate.

Almonds are one of the best sources of Alpha-tocopherol Vitamin E, which promotes Muscle restoration after intense workouts. This Vitamin helps to prevent free radical damage to your muscles, which will allow them to recover a lot faster as well as grow at an intensified rate. In addition to all of this, Almonds are still a great source of Magnesium, Protein, Fiber, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium, Protein and Potassium.

The Potassium in Almonds helps to regulate the fluid balance in your body, which is an incredibly delicate equilibrium that, if upset, can cause untold complications in the human body. The combination of the Calcium and Potassium however provide excellent support to all the cells in the body, making Almonds an all purpose Superfood. You see why they are called Superfoods yet?

Number 5: Salmon



Seeming as it was part of my opening joke (As awful as it was) you’ve probably been waiting for me to address this fish. The big problem that comes with recommending fish in any, way, shape or form is that most fish these days contain dangerous levels of mercury, making them fairly unsafe for human consumption. Trust me, if there is one chemical you don’t want a lot of in your body, its mercury.

However, Salmon is one of the fish I will avidly recommend to you (and according to my joke, throw out of a window), Salmon, like all fish, contains a vast amount of Omega-3, which in all honesty, we can all get a little more of, myself included.

In addition to this, Salmon also contains high grade protein and several powerful Antioxidents. Eating Salmon once or twice a week with an assortment of Veg will help build your immune system to it’s peek, keeping you strong and healthy, all thanks due, to Superfish!

Number 6: Avocado

If I hadn't said enough, I love these things.

If I hadn’t said enough, I love these things.

Ah, Avocado’s, a personal favourite of mine, which according to a few friends of mine, makes me weird. Remember the Yogurt I eat for breakfast I mentioned at number 3? Well it’s always Avocado (except when it’s black cherry) for a couple of reasons. The basic reason being that Avocado’s make it easier for you body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients, meaning your body is going to gain energy and other potential aids at a much faster rate. My girlfriend, (Having adopted my love of Avocado’s) personally likes this fruit as it is a ready provider of Calories without having to intake carbs at the same time, which while isn’t important for me, she is very adamant on keeping her intake down.

What else can I say really? I could list a few of the main nutrients that this wonderful green fruit carries, so I will:

There is, without a doubt, a lot of good stuff in that little fruit, so I will heartily recommend it to each and every reader, go try one, I promise you’ll like it! (Disclaimer: I promise nothing, my word is about as reliable as a chimpanzee’s)

Number 7: Coconut oil

I'm telling you, they're watching us.

I’m telling you, they’re watching us.

Personally, I believe Coconuts to be the Fruit of the Devil, each with a mind of its own; dedicated to kill every human on earth (They kill roughly 150 people a year! Seriously look it up, go on I’ll wait… You see?!) However, many swear by organic coconut oil as a Superfood, and I must say, I agree. (What damage can they do when they’re dead after all?)

 All coconuts naturally produce Lauric Acid, an incredibly rare acid to be found naturally, especially in Superfoods, which makes coconut oil a perfect container for this rare and highly effective acid.

When Lauric acid is absorbed into the body, it is converted into Monolaurin, a powerful anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-protozoa agent.

With this, and the saturated fats in the oil working within your body, your health can gain several powerful health benefits, which range from providing instant and powerful energy source to promoting your hearts overall health.

As I have been taught recently, Coconut oil is also heat resistant to such a degree that you can substitute it from traditional cooking oils in your kitchen, gaining all the benefits of coconut oil every time you eat.

On a curious side note, several Doctors have claimed that regular consumption of Coconut oil can help stave off and even cure Dementia, whereas this has not been solidly proven yet, a large amount of evidence exists to support the claim, if you’re interested I urge you to search out some information, it makes a very interesting read.

So by all means, grab a bottle or a tub of this great oil, you’ll be reaping its benefits with every use and the best bit is it’s cheap in store, and we have it on our online store! (But be aware of those Coconuts, they’re watching us, no, you’re paranoid!)

Number 8: Whey Protein Concentrate

The best form of protein going.

The best form of protein going.

“Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating of Curds and Whey” Well I’ve got to say it, that Little Miss Muffet was one smart cookie. I harped on about the uses of Protein in the Egg’s section of this article and whereas the other Superfoods I have spoken about produce fair amounts of Protein, Whey is the Gold standard when it comes to Protein.

As you age, your body becomes far less effective at producing the critical Amino Acids you need, which means you’re required to supplement these Amino acids with outside proteins, which is where the Whey concentrate comes into play, being a superb deliver of Protein chock full of the required Amino acids.

In addition, Whey Protein Concentrate is also a great carrier of all the raw materials required to produce glutathione, also known as “The king of Antioxidants”.

Regular intake of Whey Protein Concentrate will increase the potency of the essential Amino acids in your body, as well as help to produce a powerful Antioxidant to help purge your system of infections and bacteria. Like I said earlier, Miss Muffet = one smart cookie.

Number 9: Grass Fed Organic Butter

Healthy butter, well I'll be.

Healthy butter, well I’ll be.

Seem familiar to something I spoke about earlier? It should, just as Grass fed organic Yogurt is an essential Superfood, Grass Fed organic Butter is basically a Super version of that Superfood, isn’t that Super?

Grass Fed organic Butter is a superb carrier of all kinds of top quality nutrients:

  • Vitamins: Including vitamin A, D, E and K2, each needed for a wide range of functions, from maintaining good vision to keeping the endocrine system in top shape. The added benefit here is that most industrially produced butters are lacking in most of these essential Vitamins, causing a surprising lack of them in the modern diet.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid: An excellent protection against cancer that also converts excess fat into energy stores specifically dedicated for aiding in muscle growth.
  • Healthful fats: Mainly made up of short- and medium-chain fats, which support immune function, boost metabolism and have anti-microbial properties. as well as the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. These fats also help to maintain brain functions, skin health and prostaglandin balance.
  • Trace minerals: Including, but not limited to: manganese, chromium, zinc, copper and selenium. This particular butter acts a great iodine store as well.
  • Wulzen Factor: That special something that just makes a person more “Wulzen”, that was obviously, a joke. In actuality, the Wulzen factor is a hormone-like substance that prevents arthritis and joint stiffness. By ensuring that calcium in your body is put into your bones rather than your joints and other tissues.
  • Glycospingolipids: a special category of fatty acids that protect against gastrointestinal infections.

As you can quite clearly see, Grass Fed Natural Butter has a variety of uses within the body, with the addition of being pretty bloody tasty, why would you not buy this? Well, can you give me a reason? No? Good.

Number 10: Green Vegetable Juice!

The best Superfood is a drink, who knew?

The best Superfood is a drink, who knew?

So, what’s better than getting your five green vegetables a day? Getting them all at the same time of course, in a handy liquid form? Even better!

Raw green veggie juice is riddled with micronutrients (like nutrients, but smaller), none of which need to be broken down or dissolved by your body, as you’ve already done it by blending them all into a liquid, meaning all of the nutrients will be absorbed almost immediately, allowing your body to use all of them to full effectiveness quickly.

Because there is a mix of different vegetables in each serving, I cannot tell you the exact benefits of each individual serving as the vegetables used will be down to your preference. But as a general rule, the mixture should promote weight loss, give a significant energy boost and support brain activity. So guy’s with that, get blending, I know I will, provided I can fit an Avocado in there as well…

Final Comment

With this abundance text lying in front of me now, I can reconsider a few of my opening comments. I said that “Superfoods” did not have weird and wonderful abilities, oddly, I now consider myself wrong in that assumption, as many of the foods I have written about do things I never thought they would. So I will happily eat my words at this point, or rather blend them in with an assortment of Veg and down the glass with gusto.

GINSENG – The Herb Of Fire.

My father used to say if you take ginseng, eat garlic and drink a glass of red wine every day, you’ll live forever. Unfortunately, it seems he was not exactly right in the forever part, but still, all three elements of his advice are proven ginseng-ren_shento have a remarkably strong effect on the human body.

In a old South Korean folk tale it is told that the King of the Diamond Mountain had lost all his powers and no doctors could help him. There came a wise man advising the King to take the ‘man-like root’ which is greater than death. The drink made from it cured the Kumgan.

It is important to note two things about ginseng root: First, it is a very strong, effective herbal medicine, so usage should be under control or with precaution. Second, there are dozens of other plants commonly referred to as ginseng which are actually not. Having different active agents even with similar effects or the same agents though in various qualities and concentration and going through totally different manufacturing processes. So, to find the ideal one for your therapy may take some time.

This article is solely about the so-called Panax ginseng. In Chinese it is, so ‘rén shen’, which does not mean longevity or immortality as you can read at various places, it translates as ‘man and her’ together as one mark. Panax as name derives from the Greek ‘healing all’, taking into consideration the Chinese medical uses, not too deeply known at that time in Europe.

This post is written uniquely about the species having ginsenosides in them as this molecule is probably responsible the root’s complicated and widely known effects. The level of the active Ingredient varies greatly throughout the different species. What does this mean? For example it is known the Panax ginseng has a ‘lifting effect’, so it generally increases the blood pressure, the heart rate, but contrary to this, the so-called ‘Siberian’ ginseng is usually and traditionally used to reach the adverse effect: calming the organism by reducing heart rate, blood pressure and so on. This is probably due to the fact it has no ginsenosides inside, instead another type of agent known as eleutherosides.

 Other agents are for instance: panaxin- tonificant; panax-acid: improving the metabolism; panax-vilon gkycoside enhances and harmonises the functionning of our glands; panacen essential oil can stimulate the cerebospinal system.

 So, what is the famous Panax ginseng good for?

 In China the root has been used for thousand of years in very different forms (tea, wine, ointment, pills, alcoholic extract…) mainly aginst fatigue, impotency, demency, and „head problems”.

 The Western experiments the root has undergone since 1947 officially, proved its traditional Eastern uses. The ginseng’s active agents empower the brain functions, without affecting the emotions. The root can increase the vitality in general. The agents can improve bodily and pshycological status, can be highly effective in conditions after bigger surgeries, or recovering from diseases. The root positively affects the genitals, heart and lung functions. It has positive effect on the glands and based on recent studies it can be a good help in type2 diabetes mellitus (anti-hyperglycemic effect). Its traditional uses in case of curing elderly people was shown to be real, ginseng can mean a good way to slow down demency. It can help in chronic asthma, can increase general resistance to infections. In chronic bronchitis the ginseng root may increase the bacterial clearance of the lungs. Many empirical studies suggest that ginseng may increase the effects of certain chemotherapy drugs (proven on gastric carcinoma), some speculations go even further: ginseng might be a powerful weapon in the war aginst cancer. This still requires specification and more experiments.

In general it is advised to be used in spring/autumn therapies: take pills/extracts daily for 2-3 weeks, no more, it can improve your health, immune system and stimulate the organism.

 However, it is not at all advised to be taken in high blood pressure conditions, inflammations, acute asthma, bleeding, pregnancy, type 1 diabetes mellitus. It may cause – especially in overdose or when taken together with caffeine, other stimulating agents or herbs2 – headache, migrene, insomnia, anxiety and manic state in case of clinical depression. So, it might overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system.


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History: Dr. Oláh Andor – A természet patikája; 1989, Kossuth Kiadó; Budapest, Hungary. (‘Andor Oláh M.D.: The pharmacy of nature’)

By Eva Mercz.

 Many dietary supplements contain different kinds of ginseng, the effects can be adverse, the effectsa of interactions questionnable. Other supplements may contain ginko biloba or guarana, or even caffeine. These herbs/agents can push ginseng’s effects to overdose with all the sideeffects mentionned above.Bewae of these kind of products, try to use single-agent/herb-kind of supplements, to avoid unwanted heath problems.

Natural cold remedies.

Natural cold remedies.

On average adults can expect to get between 2 and 4 colds a year, but can these be avoidable? The common cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat; conventional medicines provide only relief from symptoms and do not work against the virus itself

 There is a growing amount of evidence that proves alternative medicines such and zinc and Echinacea can combat the cold virus itself, Both aiding in the prevention and treatment of this seasonal virus.

What methods work best? natural-cold-remedies


Menthol is an organic compound extracted from the peppermint, or Mentha piperita, plant family. It can be obtained from various mint plants of the same family or produced synthetically.

This is one of the oldest cold remedies in history, its works by providing relief from nasal congestion and has a mind anesthetic action. Vapor rubs and menthol sweets are the most popular forms. 


Garlic has been used as a anti viral remedy for thousands of years

Use garlic when you first notice your cold beginning. Garlic consumption may help boost the immune system to keep you from getting a cold. When symptoms do appear, a garlic supplement or tea may boost your body’s disease-fighting power and soothe your sore throat and cough.

How to use: Consume between 1 and 2 whole cloves of garlic every day. While you’re free to use more, this amount of garlic will most likely give you all the immune system benefits you need to treat colds.


Echinacea is an herbal remedy people often use to treat the common cold. Many people believe that the plant can boost the immune system and reduce the severity or length of colds. Echinacea is one of the best-selling herbal products in the U.S

How to use: Echinacea is best used as a way of prevention, rather combating the effects of a cold if stops your body from developing a cold in the first place. Take 3 / 4 drops of the liquid extract twice a day. we recommend at least 1 week of a month as your body will build up a tolerance to its effects if not.


Zinc contains over 80 enzymes and is one of the most important trace elements our bodies need to function properly. Zinc also plays a key roll in the synthesis of proteins and DNA.

How to use: At the first sign of a sore throat or runny nose take 15-30 ml. of zinc this comes most commonly in lozenge form.


Most famously found in oranges Vitamin C or L-ascorbate acid is also found in a huge amount of other fruits and vegetables. There is now with a wealth of scientific studies proving beyond doubt that vitamin c is one of the top remedies for treating your cold or flu.

How to use: The common cold virus is at its most prolific in the months between November and March. We recommend taking 500mg of vitamin C 4 – 6 times a day, increase this amount at the first sign of a cold.

Other tricks and tips

As well as these great remedies there are lots of other lifestyle changes you can make to improve your chances of avoiding a cold and speed up recovery from any viruses you do encounter.

  1. Gargle:

Gargling can bring temporary relief for a sore throat; try adding a pinch of salt to some warm water and gargling 2 – 4 times a day you can reduce swelling and speed up your recovery

  1. Keep rested:

Fighting a cold virus uses all your body’s resources, it’s a good idea to get as much sleep as possible over this period and time spent awake make sure you keep warm and eat well to keep up your strength.

  1. Blow your nose often:

It’s important to remove excess mucus from your system during a cold, when blowing your nose be sure to do it one nostril at a time as pressure can cause a number of problems including ear ache and busting blood vessels

  1. Drink hot drinks:

Not only are hot drink great for keeping you hydrated but hot liquids relieve nasal congestion

  1. Avoid flying if possible:

It’s a good idea to avoid the sudden changes in air pressure associated with flying, the effect off your ears popping due to take of or descent can be significantly increased when congested

  1. Use a extra pillow when sleeping:

By elevating your head during the night it helps to decongest your nose, ears and throat of excess mucus.

  1. Take a steamy shower:

Not only is this a great way to relax and freshen up but a hot shower helps to loosen your nose and chest when congested.

Remember, serious conditions can masquerade as the common cold and a mild infection can evolve into something more serious. If you have severe symptoms or are feeling sicker with each passing day, see a doctor.

Eat healthy this Christmas with our festive roast dinner guide.

It’s at this time of year most of us like to indulge. Whether you let your sweet tooth get the better of you or you have a tendency to have a few extra drinks. Christmas has always been known as a time of excess. But what can we do to minimize the negative effects of this seasonal glutton on our bodies?

We are going to cover how to make a healthy version of the classic Christmas lunch as well as natural treats sweets and stocking fillers that will keep you and your family on track to a healthy Christmas

What’s for dinner?

The classic turkey is a good source of protein and dose provide the body with B vitamins, unfortunately the way in turkeywhich we cook the bird can leave a lot to be desired as far as keeping your body healthy. So what can be done? There are a number of options available for people wanted to minimise their fat intake and avoid piling on the pounds.

A single serving of turkey contains around 5.8g of fat by simply removing the skin you can reduce this by 50% This is a huge saving with very little effort involved. If you wanted to take things a step further, another method would be us a slow cooker or a pressure cooker meaning that they is no oils used in the cooking process and making your meal healthier once again.

her-roasted-potatoesRoast potatoes these little guys have got to be my favourite part of any roast dinner but they do soak up a lot’s of trans-fats and nasty oils during the cooking process. One method I have tried before is baking potatoes rather than the traditional shallow fry this method works great but its best to bake lots of smaller potatoes rather than the large baking potatoes most of us are now used to. This can reduce the fat from around 9gs per portion to just 0.4g

Vegetables the traditional vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and carrots are low in fat and high in anti-oxidants but through over cooking you can lose a lot of the good stuff they can offer your body. Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables without letting all the nutrients escape through the water they are boiled in (Although that can be a great stock for your gravy)

But what’s for dessert

This is where we may well have to make a break from tradition as Christmas pudding are notoriously high in calories. There are healthier methods of making them but if you really are trying to keep of the pounds it might be a better idea to replace this desert with something a little more forgiving. Fruit crumbles are always a good idea and can be nice and healthy depending on which recipe you’re following.

And to wash it down?

Sorrel is probably the best loved Christmas drink in the Caribbean.  The drink is made from the petals of the sorrel plantsorrel drink and produces a deep red drink with a fruity, yet tart taste. Often it is made with ginger and spices such as cloves or cinnamon for a richer flavour. Sorrel is usually served chilled although it can also be served as a hot tea.

As well as being delicious, Sorrel is also highly nutritious and is said to have anti-cancer properties and provide a significant boost to the immune system. In fact Sorrel is so health enhancing it is now being considered as a ‘nutraceutical’ and spirits such as vodka or gin can be added to put a bit of kick in your Christmas punch bowl.