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Healthy Shop Garden – June Week 3

DSCF4536 DSCF4535 DSCF4534 DSCF4539 DSCF4538 DSCF4542It’s now the third week of June and the garden is flourishing. We’ve had some really great weather over the last couple of weeks and the plants are officially loving it.

Since out last update we decided more room was needed, so we’ve been out in the garden constructing some very cool makeshift polytunnels¬† to add to our original three.

This week we sent off our first vegetable boxes of the year to some of the family’s we are supporting, filled with rhubarb, mint, sage, lettuce and salad onions. All of which are looking and tasting great.

We make sure we pick and ship our vegetables all on the same day to ensure maximum freshness for the kids and families that need them.

Over the coming month we’re looking forward to being able to start harvesting some of our leeks, tomatoes and the first batch of tasty summer peas. If you know of any kids undergoing or recovering from cancer therapy that could benefit from our vegetable boxes please contact us at Info@kict.info.

The picture to the right shows one of our new makeshift tunnels, even though it might not be the traditional shape, the extra growing room it can offer us, proves to be very handy indeed.

The more we learn about the ever changing world of vegetable gardening, the more determined we¬† become to make sure we can help as many family’s as possible to benefit from fresh organic food. For a lot of people it’s simply impossible to find the space and time needed to undertake such a task while caring for a ill child.

And as we have always said here at Bobby’s healthy shop, nutrition is key to a healthy life and without good quality fuel your body is fighting a loosing battle.

Do you have any ideas on new interesting vegetables we could grow or any essential tips on bettering what we are already doing? If so please leave us a comment below.

Next update: July week , Stay tuned.